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The Poise Stories With Esther-Francisca – Wicked Longing (Part 1)



I hate that word. I shouldn’t because I’m a yoruba girl,raised with Yoruba values. ‘Virgin bride’ bah!
I’m going to be 20 in the next few days,and I think it’s inconvenient that I’m still a virgin. You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking ‘omo ta ko,omo dada ta bi ni ile re’ but I guess I don’t care. I’m past caring. I’ve been a good Yoruba girl all my life and I can’t help but think its caging.

Plus,I think I’m in love!!

I met Tolu a few months ago. He’s been a darling. Lol. I get hot and bothered just thinking about him. He’s tall,dark and handsome. Cliché, I know. But my very own Yoruba angel. I love him and I’d like to go to the next step with him. Tolu is the most romantic guy I’ve met. I’m just 20,I know. But I don’t think I’ll ever experience this kind of love with any other guy. He surprises me with little gifts,we take long romantic walks in the evenings. We spend time in bed whispering sweet nothings to each other. Oh my God. I think he’s perfect! Well,perfect for me sha….

Back to the gist and why I think the status of my hymen is inconvenient right now. A week ago,i overheard Tolu and his friends discussing how hard it is to date a virgin,how the deflowering process is traumatic for both parties. My heart broke a little. You see,Tolu and I has done every sexual thing except penetrative sex. We make out for hours exploring each others bodies. For example,I know that spot just below his belly button that makes him crazy for me. And he knows just how to tweak my nipples that send hot pulses of desire all over my body.

Ahh. Tolu. My stud muffin. Tolu kisses like he was born to do it. I used to think oral sex was overrated till I met him. He does this thing with his tongue when he goes down on me….. Oh! I’m going off topic….See,Tolu doesn’t know I’m a virgin. Virgin in the hymen-has-never-been-penetrated way.
He thinks we’re just biding time before we do the do.

How do I tell my boyfriend,one who claims he doesn’t like virgins that I’m a virgin?



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