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The Poise Stories

The Poise Stories With Esther- Francisca Wicked Longing (Part 4)



“I’m sorry”
My heart skips a beat as I read the first part but I force my self to calm down and go through the rest of the note. “I got a call and had to leave in a hurry. I didn’t want to wake you because you looked so beautiful lying down in my bed,tired and sated from our lovemaking. I’ll be back soon and will be happy if you wait. But if you can’t,I’ll call you and see you later. I love you,Oluwanimoduroti” A smile makes its way to my face as I finish reading his note. I decide to go back to my place and wait for his call. I cringe slightly thinking about his housemates and wonder if they heard us earlier as I quietly walk out of the house.

Tolu calls me later in that day telling me he has a date planned out for us. I’m giddy with excitement as I get dressed in one of my favorite gowns. I know he likes the dress on me because of the way his eyes darken with desire when he sees wearing it. He wants to take me out for a movie and dinner. I’ve never felt so sure of our love as I am right now. I’m happy that Tolu didn’t break up with me and that this experience seems to have brought us closer.

“Hey dear,I missed you today” Tolu says as he pulls me in for a hug. I inhale his masculine scent as I tighten my arms around him.
“I miss you too” I shyly respond as I look up at him. He reaches down to drop a small kiss on my lips as he releases me and leads us to a bench nearby.
“What movie do you want to see? We have options. We can decide to get dinner first then come back for the movie or we can see the movie now and go for dinner afterwards. Choose baby”
“I’m hungry now,” I say as my stomach growls loudly making Tolu laugh at me “let’s get dinner first, then the movie later” I quickly get up and we start walking towards the food section of the mall.

Throughout dinner,Tolu was the perfect boyfriend. He gave me sweet kisses and whispered sweet nothings in ears as we walked hand in hand back to the cinema. I’ve been smiling all night and I don’t want the night to end. We get to the cinema with twenty minutes to spare so we take our time deciding which movie to watch. We both finally agree on The Fault In Our Stars.

As we settle down in the dark theatre,I think about how far we’ve come in the last few weeks. I don’t have everything figured out about love and life but as Tolu pulls me closer and I try my best to cuddle up to him – even with the armrest poking my side – I know that as long as I have Tolu by my side,fight with and for me against life’s battles. We’ll be fine.

I don’t regret my decisions. Maybe I don’t know enough now. Maybe I’ll regret all this in a few weeks,months or years. Or maybe I won’t. I’m living in the moment and owning my truth.

I have all that I wickedly longed for.



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