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Presidential Aspirant, Doyin Okupe Apologises For Saying North Has Not Forgiven Igbos For Killing Sardauna Of Sokoto



Doyin Okupe, former aide to ex-presidents, Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan respectively, has apologised over an ethnic statement that has elicited angry reactions from many Nigerians especially Easterners.

In a series of tweets in the early hours of Saturday, Okupe said Igbo presidency will only be possible in 2023 if there is a grand national consensus that supports it

He added that the consensus will require the support of political leaders in the core north, whom he believes are still aggrieved over the killing of their political leader 55 years ago.

The politician explained that the North are yet to forgive the Igbo over the incidences of 1966 of which one of the high points was the killing of Sardauna of Sokoto in what until today is believed by many people to be an Igbo coup.

There have been calls on political parties to present candidates from South-Eastern part of the country for the actualisation of Igbo presidency in 2023.

The former presidential aide, who has declared his interest to run in the 2023 presidency, pointed out that if the Igbos reach a consensus with the North, in the interest of equity, fairness and national unity, he will shelve his ambition.

In other tweets that have now been deleted, the presidential aspirant added;


In other tweets that have now been deleted, the presidential aspirant added;

His takes on Igbo presidency however sparked angry reactions from many Nigerians especially Igbos, who reminded him of how many people died during Biafra war.

Hours after the backlash, Doyin Okupe has now apologised for his comments, saying he never intended to hurt or demean the Igbos through his statement.



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