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Presidential Candidate Peter Obi Sends Message to FG Over Fuel Scarcity And New Naira Notes Shortage: 2023



With the 2023 ongoing general elections in Nigeria, Peter Obi, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari, and other relevant authorities to do whatever is necessary to ease the pain Nigerians are passing through, specifically in fuel shortages and scarcity of the new naira notes.

In a statement on Thursday February 2, Obi said that he has been travelling across the country on the campaign trail meeting, engaging Nigerians of diverse views and the unified experiences they expressed unending suffering.


Peter Obi says Nigerians are facing untold hardship due to the scarcity of new naira notes in the system.

He said,

“Top on the mentions are the biting fuel scarcity and the scarcity of the new naira notes. Especially women and youths, are impacted negatively by the shortage of both essentials to regular daily living.”

“Today, Nigerians are feeling dehumanized more than they have felt before under a series of ineffectual governments, that failed to serve the interest of the people.”

“I am worried about the impact these shortages are having on the lives of Nigerians, and small businesses, which are a significant force in the economy.”

Obi also called on authorities to take practical interventional steps towards creating systems that would serve the people, and resolve the shortages.

He concluded that Nigerians have already suffered enough and that the crises of fuel shortage and unavailability of new naira notes could have been avoided if leaders were competent and compassionate.

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