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Prince George Gets Royal Welcome On His First Day Of School



It was Prince George‘s first day at school today. The 4-year-old royal arrived his new school,Thomas’s Battersea, an independent fee-paying school in south London costing £17,604 ($23,000) a year in the company of his dad, Prince William, looking quite handsome in his navy school uniform.



Mum, Kate who is pregnant with her third child couldn’t join them because she was reportedly down with hyperemesis gravidarum, a sickness that involves nausea and vomiting more severe than the typical morning sickness many women suffer during early pregnancy.

He was welcomed by the head of the lower school, Helen Haslam who shook hands with him to officially say welcome.

His cheerful demeanour gradually turned shy as he was pictured looking like he was contemplating if this was a wise decision.



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