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Pusha T Accuses Drake Of Paying Fans To Attack Him On Stage



Pusha T is accusing his fellow rapper Drake of paying some fans to throw beer and water at him while on stage on Tuesday night at the Danforth Music Hall embarking on his Daytona tour.

Pusha was performing at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall on November 20, when his set was interrupted by what appeared to be fans storming the stage.

It is understood that a group of instigators began to throw beer and water at him as he performed.

Toronto is, of course, the hometown of his lyrical rival Drake, whom he spent a sizable portion of the summer goading with songs like “Infrared” and “The Story Of Adidon.”

The rapper briefly left the stage before returning to perform ‘Infrared’, a track which takes aim at Drake.

Footages shared on social media by some of the concert goers captured Pusha T’s security team beating the stage rushers until they were forced to retreat.

Later in the set, Pusha told the crowd that he believed Drake had “paid” attendees to throw beer at him.

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