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R. Kelly Found Guilty of All Counts in Sex Trafficking & Racketeering Trial



American Singer R. Kelly, has been Found Guilty of All Counts in Sex Trafficking Trial

R. Kelly was found guilty of all counts in his racketeering and sex trafficking case on Monday.

It took nine hours across two days for the jury, which included seven men and five women, to reach a unanimous verdict. Prosecutors were able to nail the disgraced singer on racketeering charges by showing jurors how R. Kelly used friends and employees to facilitate his sexual abuse and transport his victims across state lines.

Multiple witnesses testified against the R&B singer during the month-long trial. One of the witnesses included one of his accusers, Jerhonda Pace, who claimed to have had sex with R. Kelly multiple times while she was a minor. She also described being physically abused by him after she failed to address him when he entered the room because she was texting.

“I went to Rob’s house and he called me a b****,” Pace said. “He said I was a silly b****. He slapped me three times and said if I lied to him again it’s not going to be an open hand next time. He spit in my face and mouth. He choked me during an argument. I had sex with him. I had oral sex with him. I went home and confessed.”

While R. Kelly’s legal time attempted to dismiss their client’s accusers as obsessed fans, the entertainer’s marriage to Aaliyah, when she was only 15, was brought up during the trial. A former tour manager admitted to bribing a Chicago-area welfare office employee to make a fake ID for Aaliyah in order for the nuptials to move forward. In addition, a former backup dancer confessed to witnessing R. Kelly perform oral sex on Aaliyah.

Prosecutors claimed the marriage was an attempt to avoid criminal charges for the relationship and to keep Aaliyah from testifying against him. In total, 11 sexual abuse victims testified against R. Kelly during his trial.

R. Kelly could spend the rest of his life in prison and will be sentenced on May 4, 2022. The singer still faces criminal charges in Minnesota and Illinois.

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