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Rapper And Business Mogul 50 Cent says he Doesn’t Talk to Lloyd Banks Again





It’s been a while since we got new music from 50 Cent but we do know that he’s been working on Street King Immortal. He’s previously stated that the album will be dropping at some point in 2018 but he hasn’t solidified a date yet. For the past few weeks, he’s been sharing snippets of his upcoming single “Crazy” featuring PnB Rock. From the several snippets he’s shares, it sounds like this may be one of his most personal songs in recent times. There’s references to his son, his ex-girlfriend and more noticeable, his current standing with Lloyd Banks.

When 50 Cent is busy being an actor and entrepreneur, he likes to get back to his roots. Recently, the G-unit creator posted snippets of a new track called “Crazy” on Instagram.

The track features PnB Rock, who was featured in XXL’s Freshman Class last year. Rock lays his vocals on the chorus before an agitated 50 enters the track.

“Called my son twice, he ain’t picking up the phone/ and Banks, we don’t even talk no more,” reveals 50 in the snippet. Lloyd Banks, who is a founding member of G-unit, fell out with 50 years ago.

In a 2014 interview with MTV, 50 stated that his intensity pushed the G-Unit lyricist away. After Banks’ father passed away, 50 responded by saying, “Alright, he passed away, but you can’t just go home and stay home.”In the interview 50 continues on to say, “Ask Kanye, his mother passed away while his record was at a peak point. If he didn’t go on tour, he wouldn’t be the Kanye you know right now.”

50’s incentive ways may be the reason he and Banks don’t speak anymore, although there could be a number of other circumstances that led to the split in their friendship. Den of Thieves, starring 50 Cent and Gerad Butler, is in theaters now.

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