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Reddit Charts Shows Leonardo Dicaprio Never Dates Women Over 25



Leonardo Dicaprio broke into limelight at a tender age. He has grow into an Academy Award-winning Actor ever since; and he is very handsome too. What stands out is the lack of normalcy in his lifestyle.

Leonardo’s new 20 year-old Girlfriend

His dating habit is one thing that stands out. When leo is not preparing for his next blockbuster movies he is dating some hot young supermodel or actress, none of which have ever been over 25, and a loyal fan who goes by TrustLittleBrother on Reddit proved this with a chart.

As evident from the chart, on the list are  alot of prominent names which includes Gisele Bunchen, who broke up with the actor due to his partying lifestyle, Bar rafaeli, Blake Lively among others.

That graph will be much more interesting to look at in 20 years if the lower line stays the same. Though it might be a little weird, then.

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