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Rihanna Responds With Bible Verse After Chris Brown Tried To Flirt With Her



Over nine years ago, it gave us pleasure to see Chris Brown and Rihanna loved up until the huge fight which resulted in physical assault and eventually affected Brown’s career. Despite trying to revive the relationship in 2013, it ended as soon as it started.
Well, it seems that Chris Brown might want her back.

After Rihanna’s post telling people to try out savagexfenty’s styles this season (Can we all appreciate Riri for a minute), Brown (who isn’t following her by the way) replied with a love emoji.



Fans (Chrihanna) who have prayed and waited for this moment, jumped on the ship giving their advise.

But girl is not having it.

She posted a Bible passage from “her” devotional which seems to address that emoji.


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