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Rising Afro-pop Artist Kris Hans is back With The Music Video For ”’Vibing”



In a fast rising musical scene where the idea of a pop star is consistently being stretched and refashioned, Kris Hans is a unique and evocative persona. After the release of “Santa Barbara” In the Early months of 2021, Kris Hans is out once again with a banging visual showcasing an Afrocentric vibe and sharing the culture with the outfits and styling of this masterpiece, “Vibing” off his “Vibes & Chill” EP. The singer has continued to strop every part of his artistry into a distinctive identity, curating an electrifying vocal, melodies on Afro-fusion, while continuing to showcase his culture and heritage.

“Vibing” is an Afro-fusion song in the repertoire of this very Afro-pop artist. The project is produced by, Kameloens Studio and Directed by Sochstar. Co-directed by Boogie Mkab, Kingsley Oguejiofor in collaboration with “Vibes & Chill” crooner Christian Dimpka aka Kris Hans.

Credits as Kris Hans plays into a trope of being in an alternate dimension as he searches for the lady he loves in “Vibing” after being found takes him to alternate dimensions, yet to be found at the mountains of love. Kris Hans continues to create his path to becoming one of African-Canadian music’s lustrous new stars in coming years.

On “Vibing”, the gentle rasp in Kris Hans’s voice is form-fitted into a tool of honest expression, commanding and passionate, Afro-Pop groove. Effusive as he shows his unreserved passion, but no less compelling, opening up further possibilities ahead.

Watch the video for “Vibing” here.

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