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Roger Federer Versus Novak Djokovic Head To Head Tennis Analysis



The Djokovic–Federer rivalry is a tennis rivalry between two professional tennis players, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. They have faced each other 46 times with Djokovic leading 24–22 (9–6 in Grand Slams). This includes a record 15 Grand Slam matches, four of which were finals, plus a record ten semifinals. Both players have beaten the other in each of the four Grand Slam tournaments.

Federer has been very competitive and dominated during his early slam matches, but Djokovic now has a 9–6 lead in Grand Slam matches, including eight wins in the last ten meetings. Federer turned pro in 1998 while Djokovic turned pro in 2003. A notable aspect of the rivalry is their ability to beat each other on any given day, including Grand Slam play, making it one of the most competitive and evenly matched rivalries in the Open Era.


To date Federer is the only man to have beaten Djokovic in all four majors, and likewise Djokovic is the only man to have beaten Federer in all four majors. Both men accomplished this after having beaten each other at Wimbledon. Both players are generally considered to be the two greatest hard court players in the open era.

Federer’s haul of 20 Grand Slam titles is more than any other man in history – six more than Djokovic, who only also trails Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras in terms of major wins.

In total Federer has won 98 career titles, dwarfing Djokovic’s tally of 71. However, there is not as much disparity between them when it comes to career prize money.

In terms of money earned solely from ATP singles and doubles matches, Federer had won £90.1m ($117,507,812) going into the US Open – slightly ahead of Djokovic’s total of £89.2m ($115,310,890).

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