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Russian Journalist Reveals how Diego Maradona Forcefully Removed Her Dress During Interview



A Russian female journalist has filed a formal complaint against Argentina’s Diego Maradona, accusing him of forcefully removing her dress during an interview.

However, Maradona has denied the claim and his aides allege the reporter “started undressing herself” prompting him to call hotel security in St Petersburg.

30-year-old Ekaterina Nadolskaya said she had been in the lobby bar of his hotel when they started talking.

“I asked him for an interview. He invited me to his room,” she said.

Russian Investigative Committee said that female friend accompanied the journalist but soon left.

The woman added, “Maradona shut the door, and first started answering my questions and then began harassing me.”

According to newspaper Komsomolskay Pravda, the woman said Maradona forced off her dress and she “managed to stop the harassment only when she was in her underwear.”

Maradona “even tried to take her dress off, and actually managed to do so.”

“I got scared and threatened him I would call the police. In turn, he called the hotel security service.

“Three people carried me to the corridor. My belongings were left in the room. My phone was taken and not returned till three hours later.”

She said the football icon’s assistant later came and threw 500 dollars at her.

The journalist also complained she was forced to sit for three hours in only her underwear in the lobby of the five star hotel before her clothing was returned.

“Employees of the hotel tried to kick her out but she insisted she would leave only with police,” she said.

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