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The Sad Story Of Brazilian Striker Adriano



Adriano Leite Ribeiro Used To Be one of the Hottest Strikers In Europe, When He Played for Inter Milan In Italy 2001 – 2009

These days, Adriano lives in the slums of Rio and has to pay a local gang protection money to keep him safe.

The striker, 34, left Miami United in May 2017 and has since returned to the city of his birth.


According to reports in Brazil, he pays protection money to the Red Command gang in the in Vila Cruzeiro slum, one of Rio’s most dangerous favelas.

Flavia Bueno, of the Cambridge University’s Brazilian Society, told The Star: “Rio can be brutal.

“It is a very expensive city, and so it is not surprising that he has returned to live in the favela.

“Around 24 kids die there everyday. There are drugs, guns and gangs.”


The Red Command have killed thousands using their trademark AK47s in the battle to control Rio’s drug trade.

Adriano himself was pictured holding the gun and posing with the Red Command’s signature hand gestures.


He was also once arrested on charges relating to drug trafficking and a woman was shot in his car after he had been out clubbing in Rio.

How has it come to this for Adriano – the superstar with a 99 power rating in Pro Evo?


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