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Scotch Is Coming: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is About To Get Its Own Whisky



Ever wanted to sip down on a beverage and watch the world burn like Cersei Lannister? Or drink your own weight in booze like Tyrion Lannister? Well, all your Game of Thrones-inspired drinking dreams are (kind of) about to come true thanks to Johnnie Walker’s new whisky. Marking the end of the show, the Scottish distillery is creating a White Walker tipple to be released ahead of the final seaso

Of course, this isn’t the first time GoT has been given its own themed alcohol range. Next month, Ommegang will be releasing its eleventh beer inspired by the series while Vintage Estate Wines has dropped three Westeros-stamped wines to date. Johnnie Walker will, however, be the first to created a whisky blend dedicated to the fantasy series.

To celebrate the new addition, the brand posted a short clip with the tagline “Scotch is coming”. Available from this autumn, the drink will land just in time to warm us up for winter and keep us amused until season eight hits in 2019.

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