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Selena Gomez: Time Magazine Names Her As One Of The Women Who Are Changing The World



Selena Gomez, the most followed user on photo sharing social media platform, Instagram makes one of Time Magazine’s ‘women who are changing the world’. The entertainer alongside other eminent personalities were profiled by the magazine’s ‘Firsts’ special project.

Selena Gomez: Time Magazine Names Her As One Of The Women Who Are Changing The World

Selena Gomez: Time Magazine Names Her As One Of The Women Who Are Changing The World

Selena got on the list as the first person to reach 100 million followers on Instagram and she gave much credit to her mother, Mandy Teefy who made her the woman she is today. “When I started working as a child, my mom was the person in my life who helped guide me,” the ‘Fetish’ singer told Time after acknowledging that if feels so good to be the queen of Instagram.

Speaking to the Mag in an interview, she related how she began acting as ‘instinctual’. “I think it was instinctual for me to perform. I loved being able to make people laugh, and if anyone was sad, I didn’t like it. I always tried to make people feel good, to feel something. So whenever I would see my mom perform, I thought, Maybe I’ll have the chance to do that one day. I would use my entire neighborhood as my stage.

“I understood that acting was a job, that I would have fun, that I would enjoy it—and that if I didn’t enjoy it anymore, that I should stop doing it. I also had school to do. That’s the base of how I grew up. There were moments when I had to be like an adult, but when I was on set, I still felt like a kid,” the 25-year-old said.

Selena also opened up that “it’s already difficult to get up every day and just feel good about yourself without seeing the highlights of everyone else’s life. That’s why I like being vulnerable with my fans on social media. I like that they’ve seen my mistakes. I try to use that as a way to connect with them. That’s all I can do. I hope that they know that strength doesn’t mean that you have to put on a facade. Strength is being vulnerable.”

The queen of Instagram shared her Time Cover on her official Instagram page of over 126 million followers. She captioned the photo (below), saying; “Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to wake up every day knowing there is so much going on in the world.

“At times I feel selfish, I ask why, I ask how can this change? Will it actually ever change? I try to contribute my heart before anything because it can be so easy to lose the desire to have hope when sometimes all I want to be is angry.

“When I read about the beautiful women who wake up consciously every day to make a change, it inspires me to want to do so much more. Not really sure how I got so lucky @time but thank you for highlighting the power of what we can and will always strive to be. I believe in the goodness in the land of the living. I hope this is just the beginning of more change.”

The singer who rose to fame on the Disney Channel received the Time’s notable recognition alongside Hillary Clinton, Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Ava DuVernay, Sylvia Earle, Nikki Haley, Ilhan Omar, Lori Robinson, Katherine Jefferts Schori, Mo’ne Davis and Janet Yellen.

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