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Signs You Are Dating A Married Man



1.HIS RING FINGER. While most married men are smarter now and would not go out with another woman, with the wedding ring on, you should look for the dark spot on the finger where a ring must have been removed hours earlier.

2.YOU CAN ONLY SPEAK WITH HIM AT ODD HOURS. Does he call only at lunch (when he is alone at work) or late in the night when the missus must have been asleep?

3. DOES HE GO OUT WITH YOU ONLY TO FAR LOCATIONS? Men who do this, usually chose far locations from where either one of you lives to reduce the possibility of his wife or someone else sighting him on his escapade with you.

4.HE ACTUALLY GOES OUT WITH YOU TO A PUBLIC PLACE, BUT… He is obviously ill at ease and frequently looks to his sides-which is unlike him. Chances are, he is afraid he might get found out and busted while with you. He may equally prefer you guys sit around corners and darker places.OR he tries to hide his face on seeing some people.

5.YOU DO NOT KNOW HIS HOUSE. So you have been going out with him for some time but he has never deemed it fit to let you know his house. Chances are he has woman tucked somewhere(probably kids too) he doesn’t want you to learn about.

6.YOU KNOW HIS HOUSE BUT… You notice all the kitchen gadgets….Toaster, deep-fryer,grills, special ovens,grinder, egg mixing machine,yam pounder,yam-peeler etc. Except he is a chef, then the woman of the house is probably in another state or (abroad )and will claim her man from you the moment she’s back!


8.YOUR INSTINCTS SAY SOMETHING’S WRONG. Your instints are there for a reason . Most times when you suspect foul play from a man, chances are you are probably right.

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