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Simi Apologizes To LGBTQ Community Over Homophobic Comments



Singer Simi has apologized to the LGBTQ community over homophobic comments she made five months ago on her YouTube channel.

She debuted her Youtube show, Stoopid Sessions in March, with an episode where herself and three guests – Sess, Kiekie and Iyanuoluwa – discussed the topic of dating among millennials.

They sampled an array of opinions about dating and later on centred their on discussion homosexuals.

Simi first pointed out how children are at risk from online agenda that spread the message that homosexuality is okay.

She also stated that religion makes homosexuality an uncomfortable thing for her to understand.

The singer stressed that homosexuality “doesn’t seem natural to me. They say they’re born that way, but I haven’t seen any biological proof.”

Her opinions about homosexuality however sparked reactions on social media, as the LGBTQ community and many others called her out for her prejudice against the community.

The singer has now apologised for her comment in a statement posted on her Twitter page on Monday, August 3.

She wrote;

To members of the LGBTQ community – nobody deserves hate like you are often given. Nobody should have to live in fear. I carelessly and casually addressed an issue that is a matter of life and death for many. It was not my intention to hurt you, but I did and I am sorry.

Simi added;

At first, I did not understand your anger, because I honestly thought I was admitting to and questioning my bias. I believed you misunderstood me, so I was not sure how to respond.

The singer expressed that;

As a woman, I understand discrimination, but I realize I may not understand the unique ways the LGBTQ community experiences is. I am learning, but I am sorry that this time, I did so at your expense.

Read full statement below;

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