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Six-Pack Mom Sarah Stage’s 2-Year-Old Son ”Aggressively” Attacked By Dog



Sarah Stage—also known as the “six-pack mom”—has recently experienced one of her most difficult weeks of motherhood.

The fitness model took to Instagram and revealed that her eldest son, James, was attacked by a dog this week.

“Gosh this might be the hardest week I’ve had as a mom so far!” she began. “Poor Jamesy got attacked in the face by a dog (the dog was triggered by James eating a snack and started to aggressively bite his face).”

Fortunately, Stage reacted just in time, noting, “I was able to pry the dog off of James before the dog got to James eye.”

She went on to explain how both James and her nearly 4-month-old son, Logan, are battling the flu and a cold, respectively.

However, Stage said she’s these challenges in stride, telling her followers that “despite the challenges us moms face, I’m convinced that we are superhuman and can overcome anything… and besides things can always be much worse.”

She continued, “When the dr told me how lucky we were that James didn’t lose his vision in his eye it put so much into perspective. We all have bad days, and it’s how we overcome them that help us grow strength for ourselves and for our family. #positivevibesonly.”

We wish James a swift recovery.

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