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Snoop Dogg Finally Reveals The Only Person To Have Ever Out-Smoked Him



If there were a Mount Rushmore of celebrity stoners, snoop dogg would be there, front-and-center, headlining the group. Alongside him. may be Wiz Khalifa, Cheech & Chong, Bob Marley and others.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop spoke about his highly-successful gospel album but, typically, the conversation got to weed after a while.

When the late-night host asked who he would include on a Mount Rushmore of pot-smokers, Snoop revealed the one
person who has ever successfully out smoked him.

“Willie Nelson is the only person who’s ever out-smoked Snoop Dogg,” said the rapper and entrepreneur on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Confirming that Willie Nelson absolutely has a spot on the hypothetical Mount Rushmore of weed smokers, Snoop reveals that after smoking with Willie, he had to “hit the time-out button.”

It’s shocking to believe that anyone could out-smoke Snoop but, given Nelson’s association with the green stuff, the declaration makes perfect sense.

Snoop had never had to push the “time-out button”. before, saying that his smoke session with Willie was the only

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