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Sofia Vergara Is World’s Highest Paid TV Actress For The Sixth Time



Releasing the annual list for 2017, Forbes’ on Tuesday, September 26, reaffirmed Sofia number one with a huge sum of $41.5 million. Sofia Vergara is still cashing out more than all actresses in the world. The “Modern Family” actress has been named the highest paid actress by Forbes’ for the sixth year in a row.


Releasing the annual list for 2017, Forbes’ on Tuesday, September 26, reaffirmed Sofia number one with a huge sum of $41.5 million. Sofia earns about $500,000 per episode of her show. The actress gets most of her earnings from endorsement deals.

Kaley Cuoco emerged second this year, earning $26 million in the year under review. “The Big Bang Theory” comedy fetched Kaley $1 million per episode salary from CBS.

Number three on the list is Mindy Kaling who earned $13 million, dragging head with Ellen Pompeo who also made the same amount. With Mandy’s McDonald’s deal and movies like “Ocean’s Eight” and “A Wrinkle in Time”, she was able to pull some weights among her fellow actresses. While Ellen’s got her income from her role as Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

See world’s highest-paid TV actresses of 2017 according to Forbes below;

  1. Sofia Vergara: $41,500,000 (2016 earnings: $43,000,000)
  2. Kaley Cuoco: $26,000,000 (2016 earnings: $24,500,000)
  3. Mindy Kaling: $13,000,000 (2016 earnings: $15,000,000)
  4. Ellen Pompeo: $13,000,000 (2016 earnings: $14,500,000)
  5. Mariska Hargitay: $12,500,000 (2016 earnings: $11,000,000)
  6. Julie Bowen: $12,000,000 (2016 earnings: $10,000,000)
  7. Kerry Washington; $11,000,000 (2016 earnings: $13,500,000)
  8. Priyanka Chopra: $10,000,000 (2016 earnings: $11,000,000)
  9. Robin Wright: $9,000,000
  10. Pauley Perrette: $8,500,000 (2016 earnings: $9,500,000)
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