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South African Doctor Offers To Circumcise Rapper Emtee For Free



A doctor based in Soweto has offered to snip hip hop superstar Emtee free of charge. His generous offer came few hours after a video of Emtee’s below average sized uncircumcised went viral.

The rapper explained to thousands of his fans that the video went online accidentally.

“I was in the toilet and answering fans’ questions on Instagram live. I needed to pee but without thinking I used the same hand I was holding my phone while I was doing my thing and used the same hand to flush. I didn’t even think about it until I realised what I had done and I immediately apologised. I was like ‘oh, no!,’” he said.

While many people poked fun at the rapper’s small manhood, the good doctor from Soweto noticed the ‘socks’. He commented on the rapper’s post that he was willing to zing him for free.

“You should visit my surgery in Soweto my man. I will cut that thing for you free of charge because I am your fan. Inbox me and I’ll make sure next time you leak another video that small thing looks nice,” he commented.

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