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South Africa’s Ex-President Jacob Zuma Signs Music Record Deal



Former South African president Jacob Zuma, who is implicated in a major corruption scandal, has been given a taxpayer-funded record deal. Sam Holder reports.

Famous for singing at political rallies, he is known for his trademark: the controversial anti-apartheid song “Umshini wami” or “Bring me my machine gun.”


And now he’s signed a record deal – and it looks like it will be funded by South African taxpayers.

The eThekwini municipality – covering the city of Durban – has agreed for Zuma to record an album of protest songs.

A senior manager tweets that the aim is to preserve the country’s heritage.

As a high-ranking member of the ANC – imprisoned alongside Nelson Mandela – Jacob Zuma is well-versed in anti-apartheid songs.

But he’s also currently embroiled in a major multi-billion dollar corruption scandal.

Opposition politicians have reacted with outrage and promised to fight the record deal.

Councillor Nicola Graham, of the Democratic Alliance, has called the municipality’s move an ANC slush fund.

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