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South Park Will Be Back For Its 22nd Season In September



They’ve spent 21 years trampling on political correctness, backed up by gross-out humor and terrible gags… But we’ve missed them. The South Park brats haven’t aged in the slightest, and will be back to prove it once again on September 26.

So far, we have no clue about the new adventures which await the little dumbasses in their 22nd season, but one thing is certain: it’ll be as crazy and trashy as ever!

Devoted South Park fans can look to Comic-Con in San Diego for a preview of these new episodes. It’s possible that a teaser for the series will be presented to visitors at the convention, which will be held from July 19 to 22. If you haven’t got tickets, you’ll have to wait a few months, when Season 22 will be screened on Comedy Central.

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