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Steph Curry Speaks on Trump Canceling Warriors Invitation, LeBron Showing Support



After Trump uninvited Steph Curry and the Warriors on Twitter from visiting the White House, Curry addressed the President’s comments. Stephen pointed out that the Warriors were set to vote on the visit later that day, but his vote was already going to be ‘no’ if they ever had that vote. In terms of Trump’s tweets, Steph felt that it was “beneath a lead of a country to go that route – it’s not what leaders do.” He also questioned why Trump felt he had to “target certain individuals and not others, but he has an idea why.” Steph also felt that Trump was threatening the financial well-being of certain NFL players when the President called for them to be fired.

Curry went on to praise the support he has received from fellow players like Lebron James and CP3. He also stated that Trump does not represent the views of the majority of this country.

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