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StyledByMatreekah: How To Mix Prints Like A Pro



Over the years, styling the mixed prints trend has been frowned upon. And since we all know that fashion is an ART, a lot of fashion designers have infused prints into their works especially with this latest trend of mixing different prints in one outfit. Celebrities have never for once failed to carry the trend along as we see style influencers rocking the mixed prints trend.

Mixed Print Trend

My favorite of all is Jeniffer Oseh. Her style is just so different from others and she now has a thing for wearing like 3 different trends at once. I love love hun.

Since we have now reinvented the retro looks, the mixed prints trend is all about the  70s fashion with its love of stripes and patterns as well as florals, graphic, plaid, velvet and prints. With so many great prints and patterns in style to choose from, it’s time to get bold and try combining your favourites.

On this particular day, I tried mixing the Adire African print as a scarf with a polka-dot shirt (can I also call this a polka-dot? It has boxes and not dots Lol). Initially, I wore a striped socks but then I decided to pull it before this shoot (the shoot was impromptu).

Mixed prints trend

For me, mixing prints has always been something I admire every time and I decided to infuse it in my dressing.

P. S. Always try to be as minimal as possible with it.

Mixed Prints trends

Mixed prints trend


Ways to Style The Mixed Prints Trend

The first thing to take note of is by being as minimal as possible when choosing your prints. I think more than three prints will be too much. choose a basic colour and build the other colours around it.

Pair prints with neutral colours. Colours like black, white, nude, tan are safer to use when mixing prints.

Mixed Prints trend

Colour cohesion is also necessary. You do not want to use colours that do not complement each other.

Use printed accessories.

Mixed Prints

You can also break up patterns by using a belt or a belt bag. Try mixing a polka-dot shirt on a striped skirt and then upgrade the look by wearing a statement belt.

Mixed prints

Own the look and be confident. Doing this means no one can ask you why you chose to dress that way.

Mixed Print

Also on colour, choose different prints that are of the same colour or that have complementary colours.

Mixed prints

What’s your take on this trend? Can you style yours this way or in any other way? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section. 

With Love, Matreekah. 


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