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StyledByMatreekah: Thrift Shopping || Praise or Shame?



Gone are the days when we don’t want to tell people where we bought our clothes or any other wardrobe items because of the fear of not being called a big girl. You ask a girl where she bought her skirt and she will be like she got it at a boutique for #9K.. Seriously? (some people actually do this for real). Why should you be ashamed of where you shop? Why are people put off by thrift shopping? Some of these items are actually fairly used or not used at all especially those items with tags still on them. The fun fact here is that majority of these boutiques we see stock up thrift collections and they tell you it’s either stock or grade one.


Benefits of thrift shopping

Photo Source: Blogger/ Youtuber @kiitana

Her caption on instagram…

Thrift shopping

Investing in quality products is essential but it’s advisable to invest in something that can never go out of season and design e.g. Boots, sneakers (converse- all stars), leather coats for winter/harmattan, LBD (little black dresses).

The era has changed and we are all in a new dawn. With the failing economic situation in Nigeria, a lot of “slay queens” have incorporated the art of buying “akube” or “okrika” or what my sister calls it – “bensigner” (coinage from bend down and designer) into their shopping habits with the new word being called “Thrift”. It actually sounds more pleasing to the ears now.

Many thrift stores have opened nationwide and online (here in Nigeria and outside the country). You find out that a couple of new items you get at the market is either made by our Almighty Aba/Igbo people or Made in  China. Why do people hate hearing the Made in China word? Inferior products maybe? Plus they are way more common.

Personally, I detest seeing what I’m wearing currently on another person. I get upset. Hence, I’m going to be sharing the benefits of Thrift shopping. However, if you have any objections, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

Benefits of Thrift Shopping


90% of clothes bought at thrift stores are designer wears. Different designers abroad made them and if you are good at shopping for the quality ones like Atmosphere, New Look, Mark and Spencer, George, H&M, Wranglers, Levi, and many more then be rest assured that you’ve copped yourself a great find.


You get to save more. For instance, on one of my many trips to the market, a bag seller was shouting “buy your bags for 250 naira, don’t pay 1,500 naira for the same bag at a boutique”. Although I went there late (7:00 a.m.), as those wholesalers had already packed the beautiful ones, I was still able to buy this beautiful leather tote bag. It was reasonable enough to buy at that amount.

The grey tote bag. No personal picture of the bag yet but the compliments I get are so cool. 😀

Also, a Chanel bag that a boutique owner would sell at the rate of 4,500 naira would be sold at $50 or more online. You see where I’m getting at right?

Benefits of Thrift shopping

Photo Source: Blogger @thesvnflvwr

Expensive look

That cool kid’s look you so much desire can be achieved by going thrift shopping. You want to achieve this look here? Just thrift the items. Actually, some of our favourite Influencers and bloggers go thrift shopping. (I do too). Not everyone is bouyant enough to buy the IT shoes or bags so instead of shaming people that bend down to select, why don’t you leave them?

thrift shopping

Photo Source: Youtuber @shahdbatal


One fact I know of about thrift shopping is the fact that you do not get to see what you are wearing on anybody else. In short, even if you do get to see one, you would be surprised at the location of where he or she got it.

Express your personal style without fear

You get to express your personal style without having to worry about how much it would cost you. You even get to buy the latest trends and styles because thrift shops are great places to find vintage wears and collections.

Spoiler alert!!! 

I was taking a stroll one evening and then I saw this Mallam hawking belts. After perusing, I saw this off white belt sitting pretty on his shoulder. Asked for the price (450 naira) and I priced till he accepted to collect 150 naira. I was happy with my find only for me to find out that “OFF WHITE” was written as “OFF WHTIE“. I couldn’t weep. I’m still thinking about what to do with it.

Thrift shopping


What are your thoughts on thrift shopping? Have you ever regretted buying something after seeing faults in it no matter how cheap you got it? Do let me know in the comment section. 

       With Love, Matreekah 🖤

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