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Support Myke Ikoku For Governor Of Imo State 2019



Services to humanity are not rendered seasonally. It is not even something that can be extracted or compelled to be rendered. It is a general heritage that flows with DNA.

Men with good conscience and heart, don’t really find it difficult to share or struggle selfishly to retain more than necessary.

Everybody has the capacity and potential to extend goodness within the level he or she operates.

I have read with rapt attention the responses and reactions from my position on minimum wage which bothers on my campaign promises and my action plans to take Imo to a higher level for sustainable economic growth.

I have lived in Imo state all my life. All my businesses, enterprises and other concerns are situated and located here in Imo state. Whatever money I have made in my life, I have channelled and invested every Kobo here in Imo.

I pay my taxes here and remunerate to thousands of people here in Imo every month. None of my staff receives less than the current minimum wage being offered by the state.

It is therefore, unacceptable for internet e urchins that are receiving peanuts from their pay masters to take advantage of the social media level playing ground to continue to wreck havoc by heaping insults around few of us that have gone out of our ways to create jobs in Imo state.

If I could do this much as a private man, imagine when the state is finally handed over to me to govern?

The quest to understand the political and economic situation of my State Imo, has been an important part of my life, the wellbeing of my people has always remained the most paramount importance to me coupled with the high rate of unemployment here.

It is my duty as a concerned citizen that loves his state, to help my brothers and sisters come out of the stark political and economic realities that exist here.

For this singular purpose, and after going thru the profiles of all the candidates of political parties that emerged to contest the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Imo, I felt, that Imo deserves a more capable hand, someone with massive experience on Job and wealth creation.

Most of the people enlisted for this election have never developed any business or managed any enterprise in their whole lives. They have never paid neither salaries nor wages. We can’t afford to hand the state to someone who is completely a novice in the art of creating wealth.

Some of the guber candidates who parade themselves as billionaires have never managed a kiosk before. So where did they make their money? We can’t continue to loot public funds and still be claiming to be men of integrity.

A few of them that can be ascribed to have been associated with running private businesses and concerns, have never invested their money back home here. How many of the current guber candidates have a verifiable business in Imo? None, except me.


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