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Tales With Sounds: Blazer Q Talks About Covid-19, Depression and Latest Project



Break out afro-pop sensation Uzonwanne Queentus Chinemere aka Blazer Q has revealed that just like every other person on the planet, the Covid-19 pandemic turned things around for him.

The singer said the pandemic came with a lot of frustrations, because he had a single dropped just before the lockdown and while his fans were expecting to see him on shows, that was not possible.

“It was frustrating and I almost got depressed because I wanted to be out there for the fans. There were hundreds of messages saying Blazer we need you in Abuja, Jos, Lagos, Ghana and tons of other locations and that was so impossible because of the lockdown”

“We were to plan tours and I wanted the song to spread further, but the returns were not impressive. At some point I realized the pandemic has come to stay, so I moved on and found another strategy to keep being relevant”, he said.

Speaking further, Blazer Q revealed that the foundation of his brand, which is hard work and creativity, kept him going and he had to arrive at his latest project which is a short music-movie series tagged ‘Tales With Sounds’ TWS.

With the first episode of TWS set to be released on August 30 2020, the talented singer gave an insight on what the project will be about, saying “We’re looking at 7 episodes dropping in 7 weeks and it will surely be massive”

“TWS will project the Blazer Q brand in a new light, I want people to see other sides of me and also be entertained with it”

“The plan is to create something different from EPs and albums; a platform I can tell my story with music, just something that will be explosive. just wait for it”

Billed for August 30, 2020, Blazer Q believes the impact of TWS will be massive because of what was put in within a short time to get the work done.

“I have put a lot of power and time on this project, everything was done in four weeks; I won’t say it was a rushed work, but I can only say we made history in a short time. It was supposed to be my holyday, but the idea came and we are all here now, thanks to the amazing team that has been with me all through” he said.

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