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The Gorgeous Yusufs Took Paris Fashion Week By A Storm With Their Amazing & Mind-Blowing Looks



As immigrants and civil war survivors, Nasteha & Nuni have always connected on fashion and used it to grow their bond as sisters while growing up. The Yusufs was developed by Nasteha & Nuni Yusuf as a means to express and share their creativity and growth as women while sharing their global perspective on personal style, beauty, travels, and motherhood with hopes of inspiring other young women around the world who might have suffered a disadvantage at an early age.

To inspire women from all around the globe despite their circumstances with their collective energy, positive outlooks and bold outfit choices, Somalia-born Nasteha & Nuni Yusuf, collectively known as The Yusufs are dedicated to documenting their entrepreneurship journey one outfit at a time.

This time, the sisters share with their global network of like-minded women how to be expressive with their Paris Fashion Week 2023 outfits.

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