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The King Of NightLife, Club Colony Opens In Abuja Soonest



Club Colony debuts to ignite a rebirth of nightlife entertainment in Abuja City. The club which is located at Nicon Luxury Hotel has been revamped with new incentives for a quality party atmosphere.

Setting new standards in nightclub technology, Club Colony has created a lighting and video design that raises the bar for world-class clubbing. The club is equipped with an elite sound and finest lighting systems in the city.

Partygoers will vibe to the DJ’s tempo late into the morning hours under a custom three-dimensional LED sphere, propelling the disco ball concept into the 21st century.

The stunning venue will be a rare ambient delight boasting a luxurious, yet modern, atmosphere that must be experienced to be appreciated, evoking a sense of glamour and mystique. There’s availability of free Wifi for everyone in the club, there is also an arrangement with Uber Nigeria and Taxify to convey partygoers at discounted rates.

Expect the imagery, color, and effects to flow together seamlessly with the music and atmosphere of the night.

With all these in place, partygoers can expect an enhanced nightclub experience unparalleled by other venues in the city of Abuja.

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