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The New Face of Global Football and Its Rules



Less than 24 hours ago, the the new face of football appeared again as the newly signed forward of Juventus was traumatized.

Cristiano Ronaldo was exited off the pitch due to a straight red card shown to him by the referee during their (Juventus) champions league campaign against Valencia.

The football community and association over the past few years have enacted numerous rules that makes life unbearable for footballers their die hard fans.

A footballer cannot celebrate freely now after scoring a goal, he cannot remove his jersey, run to the fans to celebrate, wear any printed undershirt, raise hands against or point or touch an opponent when the player is down or stands up after a foul. Read more

Diego Costa of Atletico Madrid was not left out of this football drama and new rules, as he was also shown a yellow card after he scored  Monaco, in the champions league group stage game on Tuesday and pointed to his badge. These rules are unnecessary and has a very bad effect on football games.

The question i am here to ask is this Are these rules set for the good of football, footballers and their fans? If yes then please i would love to be enlightened on how it is meant for their good. I think the owners and major shareholders of football are doing all this for their selfish interest.

Thiago Silva of Paris Saint Germain (PSG) is paid over 60,000 Euros per match if he doesn’t wear any undershirt pertaining to his religion. I ask again, please how does this affect football? Its gameplay? The electrifying atmosphere? Or the footballers performance?


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