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The Poise Insider: Nigeria Trials and Tribulations



Nigeria is the largest nation in Africa, the most corrupt African nation and most renowned for its known vices and mischief.

Nigeria is the so called Giant of Africa, a country where you expect the unexpected, a nation ruled by the greedy, sick and wicked leaders. The citizens are not left out also, they engage in corrupt practices, ill-mannered behaviours, twisted mindset, myopic thinking and fetish beliefs.

We are experiencing a tremendous level of hardship, poverty, unemployment, corruption, under-development and violence because we failed to adhere to the blueprint, guide and structures our colonial masters laid for us. Our colonial masters also ripped us off, and took advantage of our situation by deceiving our forefathers and ancestors who were ignorant and greedy.

She should be better than how she is, she has numerous natural resources, good landscape and population to conquer Africa and be among the top developed nations in the world. But this sounds like a fairy tale, in the fantasy world or Disney world. The country lacks all the basic amenities to prosper and develop ourselves.

During our quest for daily bread we lose our humanity and become beasts, animals without common sense and selfish citizens that care about themselves and nothing more. We can’t even do things properly due to the Nigerian factor such as poor electricity supply, poor water supply, Bad road networks, expensive telecommunication, low level educational system, and so on.

We hope and pray for the best but this is unachievable when we do not act. We fail to act, we fail to take a stand for what is right, we fail to sacrifice little pleasure, or token for the greater good of the nation.

Today we call on all youths, to take a stand and become wise. Open your eyes to what is right and desist from corrupt practices. We want growth, development and unity for the nation but we fail to make a sacrifice for that to happen.

God Bless Nigeria!

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