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The Poise Insider: The World is Not Enough



Drastic times call for drastic measures, hence the world is not enough for us as humans.

We are over 7 billion in the world today, different people, various religions, with numerous beliefs and behaviors. This place we call earth seem to be occupied with evil, hardship, poverty, greed, violence, monopoly, and oppression causing a major imbalance between good and bad, right and wrong, holy and evil.

There is never a day that an act of violence is not cooked up or portrayed somewhere in this world. We fight for our rights, we fight so hard atimes we end up becoming the monsters we once feared. The resources provided by God for us all in the universe is abundant and adequate for us all but human nature filled with greed and selfishness has consumed it all.

The third world countries are predominantly in Africa, and the rest of the world sits back pursue power and wealth. The leaders of Africa do not deserve to be in this world, they showcase a very high level of corruption and wickedness second to none.

The world is not enough for us all because the honest, modest and zealous people amongst us are being crushed in our daily societies by agents of destruction.

We deserve a better world, better nations, good behavior, human sympathy, self integrity and most of all global peace and trust in one another. Become a better person today, and join us in creating a new world, new society, new environment for love, hope and development to grow.

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Stand up today and become an agent for a better tomorrow!

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