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The Poise Money Monster: The Infallible Ability of Strategic Thinking



Hello and welcome to The POISE MONEY MONSTER (MM)!

Today i am here to educate and shed more light on the concept and strength of strategy in business. The world has forever been ruled and dominated by business tycoon such as the likes of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook),  Elon Musk (Tesla), Jack Ma (Alibaba), Michael Dell (Dell Inc), Carlos Slim (Telmex), Aliko Dangote (Dangote Cement), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Sam Walton (Walmart) and so on. Trust me the list is endless and i can keep listing top business tycoon till my fingers become numb.


The first question I am asking you is this “What made these people successful in their various business niche?” Huh?

Its simple, they became successful not because they have the brightest minds, or very high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but because they are very good in strategic planning and execution. For instance, anyone can be good at something but not everyone will produce the best result. Let’s look at the previous statement using this scenario: Five people were given the same amount of money, to start a particular business in a particular location. Do you think or believe that the five people will have the same level of success since they were given equal capital and resources? The answer is NO! and this is where strategy comes into play.

The major reason why people succeed in life through businesses is because of strategy. There a various definitions of strategy online but i am not here to explain or define any. At Money Monster we give you various scenario of concepts instead of definition for better understanding and personal insight. At the end of the day, each reader will have his/her unique definition and perspective of strategy.

Scenario 1: Will you prefer swimming all day to catch a fish or two or would you prefer starving for a day to sharpen a stick as spear and be able to catch 10-15 fishes the next day?

Scenario 2: Will you choose to be directly linked or have direct contact with your clients or a close and personal relationship with your staff?

Scenario 3: If given the opportunity to choose between riches in your region and global influence what will you choose?

Money is an ingredient that requires other substances to make a worthy and tasty meal (success). If you are not a critical thinker, or a strategic person who perceives his/her environment and know when to act, when to observe and when to back out. Then it will be very difficult to become a successful business person. Mind you, everyone has his own yardstick of success so what you might call success might be a complete failure for someone else. The Poise Money Monster call success when you are able to place yourself on the world map.


MM WALL OF THOUGHTS: Money is the first thing a business wants, but its the last thing all business needs.



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