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The Poise Money Monster

The Poise Money Monster: The Money Monster Way



Have you ever been so broke that you find it hard to afford one square meal? Terrible right? If yes then the the poise money monster is here to show you the money monster way out of that phase.

Money as we all know is very hard to come by for majority of the world and hence making the wealthy people very influential and powerful. Everyone has his golden opportunity and sometimes some people experience just once in a lifetime.

Most people don’t recognize this chance when it pops up, some people make the worse mistake by spending carelessly, extravagant lifestyle thinking the cash flow period will remain consistent or have a long period. Sadly, it doesn’t and by then its already too late and the victim would have given into poverty.

The poise money monster is here to give you the money monster way out of this ill-luck or would i say deadlock. There are five rules to escape or prevent this misfortune in life.

Below are the five outlined rules:

  • Start investing with any amount or every amount
  • Save a little percentage for the rainy days
  • Be financially discipline
  • Always adhere strictly by the rule of money
  • Never buy liabilities
  • Always prioritize your list of needs and wants
  • Have a realistic and feasible plan


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