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The Poise Money Monster: The Various Types of Money



Money as we all know has a great value (purchasing power) and it makes the world go round.

There are various types of money in the world today and those that are aware of the various types use it to their advantage. The various types of money in most cases compliment each other such that if you have one specific type of money you can use it to get other types.

Money is essential in our businesses, homes, schools, workplaces and in life generally and The Poise Money Monster is here to shade more light on the various types and functions of money. We have the physical cash, connective/influential money, associative money, assets, and experience.

The following types of money stated above will be outlined with little details for more understanding:

Physical cash; This refers to Naira, Dollars, Pounds, Yen and so on), we have connection/influence ( the people you know, the circle you belong ); this is very essential in and valuable in Nigeria, We have the associative money; this refers to the school you attended, the church or societies you belong to and so on. Assets; refer to investments, monetary structures put in place, Experience; refers to personal knowledge and self development.

Money is a necessity in life and if you think you can do well or survive without one or all of this forms of money then you need to reconsider that thought. If you missed our last episode click here

MM Wall of Thought: Work smart in all you do because hard work without smartness is more work and less yield.


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