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The Poise Stories

The Poise Stories With Esther-Francisca – Wicked Longing (Part 2)



“Tolu,I’m a virgin” He has been staring at me for so long it feels like hours and it’s only been less than a minute. He keeps opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water. “But you give the best head I’ve ever had! You’re very experienced. How can you be a virgin?! What the f**k!” thundered my boyfriend. I’m close to tears by now. I’m trying to find the words to explain. “Y..eess,ba…by” I stammered. “I’m a virgin. I know how to do a lot of those things because I
read a lot. I secretly read harlequin novels and I read about it online” I’m breathless as I force out an explanation as I quietly sob in the corner I’ve retreated to. I can’t look Tolu in the eyes.

He’s very angry. And he has every right to. “Why didn’t you tell me? I love you,but I’m not sure how to deal with this. Dammit!!” said Tolu. Tears run down my cheeks steadily by now. Tolu doesn’t cuss,but he’s so rattled he has done it twice in the last few minutes. “Can you leave? I’ll call you later. This is too much for me right now” he added and turns his back to me. Nooooo! I scream in my mind. I’m losing him already. Lord! No! Not again! Why does this always happen? I process all this as I reach for my bag and sandals. I silently make my way to the door. Before I reach for the door handle,I look back at Tolu and I see how much he’s struggling with what I’ve told him.

“I love you,Tolu. I really do. I’m ready to give it up for you” Tolu doesn’t make a move,he doesn’t even acknowledge me as I open the door and walk out. I haven’t talked to Tolu in two weeks. I’ve been having all types of dreams about him. My heart breaks a little as I remember a very steamy one I had a couple of days ago. I try to block my mind from dwelling on such things to no avail. I drift back to sleep thinking about us. I push him down on his bed feeling a small sense of empowerment as I looked down on him noting the hunger on his face and hearing his short heavy breath. I run my hands up and down his torso,letting my mouth and tongue work the hard ridges of his abs. I ease my hands inside jeans feeling how hard he was and instinctively knowing how much he wanted this. A wicked smile plays on my lips as he bucks up to meet my hands. He reaches for my nipples as I slowly work off his jeans……. I wake up with a start,hearing my ring tone blast through the room.Groggily, I reach beside me for the offending piece of technology

“Hello baby,” I hear Tolu over the phone “I miss you,can we meet up somewhere tomorrow?” “Mo,are you there?” I realize I haven’t said aword as he calls my name again “Mo?” “Yes,I’m here. That will be cool. I’ll be free by noon” I’m surprised my voice comes out steady because my heart is beating widly in my chest as I answer him. “Okay dear. I’ll call you by that time. I love you” It takes the call clicking off before I realize he has hung up. I can’t believe he called me! Ha!! I’m smiling widely now. I get up from bed and plan my outfit for tomorrow. I’m seeing my love again!!



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