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The Poise Stories

The Poise Stories With Esther-Francisca – Wicked Longing (Part 3)



I look myself over in the mirror as I finish getting dressed to meet up with Tolu for lunch. Wiping clammy hands down the sides of my black dress,I gather my essentials and leave the room. I’m lost in my thoughts as I walk down to the restaurant we agreed to meet at. I’m scared, happy and a nervous wreck as I continue my walk to KripsyKreme.

As I push open the door to KripsyKreme,eyes immediately searching out for Tolu’s. I see him seated in a private corner of the restaurant,he waves me over and I manage a tight smile I make my way across the room. I take my time to look at him as I walk towards him. He’s dressed in a fitted button down shirt that hugs his muscular chest in the yummiest way paired with dark jeans that suit him.

“Mo,will you please sit?” He says with a half smile on his face as he catches me eye raping him. I send a thankful prayer to God that dark girls don’t blush as I get over my embarrassment and take the sit opposite him.
“What’s up Tobi?” I shyly respond as he leans closer over the table and reached for my hands.
“I missed you and I was scared it was over between us. Why did you take so long before reaching out to me?! Please don’t ever do that to me again. Please,I love you Tobi and I’m ready to do anything for you. Anything at all that you want!!” Everything spill out of my mouth as I pause to catch my breath and look at him.
“Baby girl,calm down. I’m sorry about everything and I promise to make it up to you. I love you too,baby. And I’m ready to take the next step in our relationship. I want to make you mine in every way” Happiness floods in my heart as I look into his eyes trying to figure out how sincere he is,but I find nothing to make me doubt him so I give in to the joy that seeps into my spirit and launch my self over the table and hug him with all that I have. “Thank you! Thank you!!” I say to him as my lips meet his and our lips begin to move in sync with each other. I’ve missed kissing him I realize as we come up for air and I settled back into my seat.
“Thank you too dear,for waiting for me”, he replies me with a grin on his face. “Let’s leave here,baby girl. I can’t wait to have to myself” he adds with a wink.

As we arrive at Tolu’s place,I’m a little angry to find that his friends are around. I shyly make my way to the room while he hangs back to talk to his friends. Getting to the room I lay down on the bed thinking about how important a milestone I’m about to cross. I know that there’ll be pain at the beginning,but that’s nothing compared to the pleasure I’ll feel afterwards. A shiver goes through as I remember my favorite erotica book and how the heroine felt as she made love to the man of her dreams.
I wonder what’s taking Tolu so long as I hear laughter outside the room. I strain to hear their conversation but I can’t so I just lay down again and think of all the wicked things I’m about to do with Tolu.
“Sorry that took long,baby” he apologizies as he enters the room. He comes over to the bed and lay beside me. We both turn to face each other,laying down so close our noses touch. He kisses me gently at first like he doesn’t want to rush the experience and I respond in kind as I slowly slip my tongue into his mouth. He reaches for my breast and fondles me through my clothes. I reach up to caress the sides of his face as I straddle him,feeling the hot indent of his erection against my center. We slowly continue to explore each others body and soon I’m lost in the feeling on his hands on me,touching me,stroking me,filling me up…..

As I slowly wake up, I know instinctively that Tolu is no more in bed with me. I feel bruised and sore from our lovemaking and I expected Tolu to be here with me,trying to make me feel better. He was so gentle earlier as he slid into me that I hardly felt any pain at all. I sit up in bed,looking around and trying to find my clothes. Holding the sheet to my naked body I slowly get up and pick up my dress wondering how it got under the bed. As I walk towards the bedside table,feeling strangely naked even though I’m dressed I see a note in Tolu’s handwriting addressed to me…

“I’m sorry.”



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