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Theo Speaks On Eviction – BBTitan Show



In a conversation with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Monday, Theo said he felt like “the odd housemate”.

The South African musician added that his personality may have contributed to the exclusion.

“I felt like they were not trying to include me in certain things. I felt like I was always the odd one out for some reason.”

“I had a lot of experiences in the house where I would try to have a conversation with someone, but it would not extend, because their favorite person would come, and the conversation just dies.”

“My personality is a bit different. I take my time to get to know people. I did not have too many personal conversation. I wanted that for myself but I didn’t have it. No one is willing to listen to you.”

Reacting to his pairing with Sandra, fellow evictee, “I was cool with it. I did not have any issues.”

“But I was surprised by her reaction after we got out of the arena. She was not really happy. I didn’t know how to address it.” Theo added that sandra had earlier blamed him for their eviction

“Yes. The moment I was paired with him. I was just like you have to just take me out now. I felt like it is about to be a wrap,” Sandra said.

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