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Three killed, property destroyed as thugs descend on #EndSARS protesters in Abuja



Violence broke out in Abuja’s Apo suburb on Monday afternoon, leaving at least three killed and vast quantities of cars and property destroyed.

Witnesses told Peoples Gazette that the violence occurred after sponsored thugs hijacked an event organised against police brutality in the community just south of Abuja city centre.

A team of police officers deployed to quell the protests fled from the scene after seeing massive smoke billowing from inferno sparked by the thugs, witnesses said.

Charred vehicles could be seen by the roadside, and shops and other facilities were also razed.

The protests against police brutality under the #EndSARS campaign entered the third week on Monday, with citizens demanding adoption of fresh policies against police brutality by federal and state administrations.
Earlier on Monday, violence broke out in Benin, southern Nigeria, when armed thugs chased away protesters before invading two prisons to free inmates.

Those who were killed in Abuja’s protests this afternoon were still being identified, witnesses said.

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