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Top 5 Natural Painkillers You Never Knew



Painkillers are needed every now and then to help us ease out the pains inflicted on our body and mind either through accident, circumstances or violence. gives an informative insight on natural painkillers that are around us.


Many of us do not prefer using drugs when it comes to pain which is quite understandable. Still, we do want it to go away. That is when we start thinking about natural painkillers. A few of them are pretty common, you can easy to find them in the kitchen but there are some you would never even think of. However, do not hesitate to visit a doctor in case the pain does not stop.



Indian and Asian people do not know how lucky they are to consume turmeric in dishes like curry on a daily basis. So why not take an example for them and start using this wonderful herbal spice? Due to the three wonderful A’s which are antiseptic, antibiotic and antioxidant properties it can be three times more effective than a single aspirin.

Cloves & Clove Oil

Clove is the perfect remedy to relieve nausea, toothache and gum inflammation. All you have to do is simply keep one or two cloves in your mouth for a few minutes to get rid of the symptoms and pain. It is both effective against fungal infections and cardiovascular diseases at the same time since eugenol, the active ingredient in its oil, is considered a natural blood thinner.


Willow Bark

Alright, this one might not be in your kitchen cabinets but it is worth to get some for emergency situations like headache, backache and pain caused by osteoarthritis. You can choose the way you want to consume it. Drink willow bark in a form of tea, take liquid supplements or capsules, they will all help you in no time.


Honestly, who does not love using fresh rosemary while cooking steak? Plus, it is also available in form of powdered extract and flavoring agent in tea. The number of its benefits is countless. Starting from containing vitamin B6, iron and calcium to being an antioxidant and improving digestion. Not to mention that smelling its aroma reduces migraine symptoms.


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