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UFC Female Fighter Polyana Viana Beats Up Thief Leaving Him With Horrific Injuries



UFC fighter Polyana Viana left a man with several facial injuries after he tried to rob her with a gun made out of cardboard


The thief ended up begging her to call the cops in fear of another beating after targeting the wrong person

Polyana Viana was waiting for her Uber in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when the thief demanded she hand over her phone.

After the misguided thief said he had a gun, Viana punched and kicked the would-be-robber before locking him in a rear-naked choke.


Viana, 26, kept the man in a submission while she waited for police to arrive.

She told MMA Junkie: “When he saw I saw him, he sat next to me.

He asked me the time, I said it, and I saw he wasn’t going to leave. So I already moved to put my cell phone in my waist. And then he said, ‘Give me the phone. Don’t try to react, because I’m armed.’

“Then he put his hand over [a gun], but I realised it was too soft.”

The ‘gun’ turned out to be a cardboard cut-out.

Viana added: “He was really close to me. So I thought, ‘If it’s a gun, he won’t have time to draw it.’ So I stood up I threw two punches and a kick.

“He fell, then I caught him in a rear-naked choke. Then I sat him down in the same place we were before and said, ‘Now we’ll wait for the police.’”

She said: “I was fine because he didn’t even react after. Since he took the punches very quickly, I think he was scared.

“So he didn’t react anymore. He told me to let him go, like ‘I just asked for the time.’ I said, ‘Asked for the time my ass,’ because he saw I was very angry. I said I wouldn’t let go and that I was going to call the police.

“He said, ‘Call the police, then’ because he was scared I was going to beat him up more.”

Viana had passers-by call the cops, who took the man to hospital for treatment before hauling him to the police station.

It is not the first time the UFC fighter has had to fend for herself on the streets of Brazil.

In fact, another robber tried to take her phone while she was in her home town of Belem.

Viana said: “He broke my umbrella and tried to take my phone. I said I wasn’t going to give it to him.

“He tried to take it from my hand, I punched him in the face, and he was scared. This time I was scared. I don’t know if it was because there were two of them.

“So I was scared, but I think he was more scared than I was, so he jumped on the motorcycle and left.”

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