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Unbelievable Floating Pyramid City Is Like A Real-Life Atlantis



The ancient Mayan pyramids date back thousands of years, but Rome-based design firm is using that iconic architecture as inspiration for a futuristic floating city.

Lazzarini Design Studio, the same company that created the “mini yacht” jet capsule, is currently crowdfunding an entire complex of buoyant pyramids dubbed “Wayaland.”

Each construction will be completely modular, offering owners countless options for modification.

The largest pyramid will have a base just over 30,000 square feet with a 100-foot tower of ten stacked floors. Renderings depict structures of varying sizes outfitted with waterslides, boat docks, bars, tennis courts and more.

The Daily Mail has further details on how Wayaland will function:

The energy, provided autonomously from solar panels and water turbines, contribute to power with clean energy all the services and systems of the pyramids, including desalinators which are located in the storage under the main level.

In the submerged part of each floating structure, a large amount of storage space is used for the engines, equipments, generators or additional energy resources.

The floating modules, anchored to keep the position, will be also easily adjustable, while maneuvering with the lower mounted engines.

The chassis, composed in part from fiberglass, carbon and steel, will be assembled piece by piece while climbing the structure, after placed the basement, directly in the water.

The first “Waya module” will cost just under $430,000. Lazzarini aims to open doors by 2022, at which point guests will be able book a stay for $1,200 per night. Revenue from the first pyramid’s rentals will be used to expand the city.

More Images and Video below:

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