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Watch The First Episode Of ‘Skinny Girl In Transit’ Season 4



Following the release of an exciting trailer just last week, Ndani TV’s hit web series Skinny Girl In Transit is back for a fourth season – and we are excited.

As we know, Skinny Girl in Transit follows the story of OAP Tiwa, her weight loss journey (which doesn’t really get any screen time anymore), her relationship with her family, her work life and her journey to find love.


The first episode titled “Happy Beginnings” is only 18 minutes long, which is a bit of a letdown given how eager everyone was to watch. What was even more of a letdown was that those 18 minutes seemed to be filled with nothing.

The only truly entertaining thing that happened in this episode was the brewing scandal at Tiwa’s radio station and somebody (we think Hadiza) is about to get fired – whoops!

It is exciting, however, that Tiwa seems to have found love with Mide, after a lot of teasing in the last season. Something seems a little strange about their relationship though, and we are intrigued to see how it pans out in the rest of the season.

Watch the episode here:





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