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Watch Nadine Ibrahim’s New Short Film, ‘I Am Not Corrupt’



The gifted Nadine Ibrahim is no stranger to passing social commentary with her work, as we’ve seen in the past with short films like Tolu and Through Her Eyes. Her latest effort, I Am Not Corrupt, is no different, as she skilfully tackles the political climate of our country.

In her riveting new short, starring Mofe Duncan (The Washerman) and Rita Edwards (The Lost Heir), we listen in on a conversation between a politician and a market merchant, who both take turns accusing each other of contributing to the country’s current ills.

The politician delivers a compelling speech about how he is not corrupt, but merely a product of a broken system. He says that the average Nigerian is difficult to govern, explaining that they make life hard for themselves and expect politicians to magically sort them out.

When he’s done, the lady brings her rebuttal, explaining to him that he and his counterparts have ruined the country with their corruption. She discusses the effect their heartless laws have on the average person, going into the detail of the suffering and loss of lives they endure as a result.

Given the worsening reality of our country — it was recently revealed that 98 million Nigerians are living in multidimensional poverty — films like this are essential for starting up a dialogue, so we can continue to hold those in power accountable for their actions.

You can watch I Am Not Corrupt right here:

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