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Watch the Moment Nini Sneaked Into A Secret Room Through An Emergency Exit Door



On Tuesday, Big Brother introduced a new stunt to make the show more interesting. He decided to prank the Housemates by telling Nini to get her things ready for midnight as he directs her to a secret room in the house.

The aim of Big Brothers’ secret task is to make Saga and other Housemates worried about Nini’s whereabout. He promised to reward Nini when the task is completed.

Nini was taken to a beautiful room hidden from the main house, she will be in there for the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Saga noticed Nini was missing and started looking for her. Other Housemates helped him too.

Nini was laughing all through, after watching the Housemates searching for her, from the Television set in the secret room.

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