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Watch The Stunning Video For Odunsi’s Runtown-Assisted Hit, ‘star signs’



Last year, Odunsi (The Engine) dropped his outstanding debut album rare. — a masterful project that deservedly won him a ton of new fans. The unequivocal standout track off the album was the Runtown-assisted “star signs”, which has finally gotten a fitting music video.

The video for “star signs” opens with guests getting ready for an owambe, headlined by Odunsi, who fancies himself a contemporary Sunny Ade. At the bash, guests are seated according to their star signs, decked out in colour-coded Yoruba trad, styled by Daniel Obasi.

Although Runtown isn’t present, the Candles-directed flick is stocked with familiar faces, such as Santi, Tomi Thomas, DRB’s Teezee, Genio and GMK. Under Odunsi’s creative direction, the Ladder, Lex and Booker’s production comes out just as mesmerising as the track itself.

Speaking about his vision for the video Odunsi says:

“With the ‘star signs’ video, I wanted to express my love for Nigerian (specifically Yoruba) party culture. It’s something me and my friends have always talked about and admired.

The video is from the more classic era; the late 80s early 90s and shows how we love to dress up and do the most and also shows the live music being played at these parties, money being sprayed and people dancing.”

Watch him nail it below:

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