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‘What I Was Accused Of Became My Reality’ – Rosy Meurer Reacts To Allegations Of ‘Snatching’ Tonto Dikeh’s Ex-Hubby, Churchill



Actress, Rosy Meurer has reacted to allegations that she is the cause of Tonto Dikeh‘s failed marriage to her former husband, Churchill Olakunle.

It would be recalled that after her marriage to Churchill crashed in 2017, Tonto in an interview accused Meurer of sleeping with Churchill and being the reason for her broken marriage.

The actress vehemently denied the allegation then, stating that Churchill was like a ‘brother’ to her.

Few years down the line, Churchill on Monday, February 15, revealed that he is now married to Meurer.

The actress also confirmed in a Question and Answer session on Instagram that he proposed to her two years ago and that they got married a year ago.

However, following this, Meurer came under heavy censure, as many Nigerians criticised her for being the cause of Tonto Dikeh’s broken marriage and for lying about it all along,

In a new video posted on her Instagram page, Meurer attempted to address some of the issues surrounding her union with Churchill.

Meurer said what she was accused of has now become her reality and fate as she has eventually married Churchill.

According to her, she allowed God’s will to take its course in her life, stressing;

Mr Churchill’s failed marriage has nothing to do with me. The same way you guys read and heard online that I was the reason for his broken marriage was the same way I read and heard online that I was the reason for his broken marriage.

Before then, I never knew that the relationship I had with him before he got married was a problem after he got married. I didn’t get the memo. No one confronted me. I was never aware of such.

Whatever it is that happened in his marriage, I had no knowledge of. The same way you read online of what happened is the same way I read online what happened.

I mean, I knew him. Why would I wait for him to get married before I would start playing hide and seek? It doesn’t make sense.

Meurer also revealed how she was one of the very few people who stood by Churchill after his marriage crashed.

She stressed;

After his marriage crisis and after he got divorced, I was still there. I never left. Why will accusations and people talking make me leave? Leave to where? I never left. I never abandoned him. Obviously he was a different person. Not much fun, not the normal fun bubbling Mr Churchill that we used to play with and used to know. He was just off, devastated, broken, frustrated. His mind was never there. You could tell he had stuff on his mind. It was what it was.

Gradually days passed, months passed, years passed, life took its course. Destiny happened. What I was accused of became my reality and my fate. What would be would be. You cannot change it.

The actress noted;

You cannot force it. I am not God. I mean, it just happened. I let God’s will take place in my life. I never forced myself on him. It just happened that he became more than a brother. He became a lifetime partner.

Meurer also cleared the air about her now-famous interview where she described Churchill as a brother, saying;

I did say that Mr Churchill was like a brother to me but he is not my blood. My mother didn’t give birth to him. We don’t share the same father. That statement he is like a brother to me simply meant he is family. Mr Churchill has always been there for my family and I and it has always been that way.

Churchill and Dikeh had one of the messiest celebrity divorce in the Nigerian entertainment industry. They have a son, King, together.

Watch the video of Rosy Meurer speaking below;

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