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‘What is the hope for Nigeria?’ – Media Consultant, Chukwuyem Eledan speaks on Police Brutality in Nigeria



#EndSARS: i wanted to say we will not be silenced but who am i fooling? we have truly been silenced with oppression, suppression, show of force and power.
we now wake up everyday without any zeal or believe in our dear country 💔🇳🇬

• Nigeria is a war-zone – ‘all man for himself’

• Nigeria is that space boldly written; “All Cars Are Parked At Owners Risk”

• Nigeria is a country where there’s a clear distinction between an elite and a common man.

What is the hope for us? or our unborn children?

What is the hope to get a change in a country richly blessed?

What are the benefits that come with being a Nigerian?

Why should we be proud to be green 🇳🇬

These are the questions after killing our dreams & hope on 20/10/20 💔 #EndSARS

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